What's a Scan Stand

It's the first step of your Smilelove journey. Stop by one of our locations for a free, 30-minute consultation and 3D scan of your teeth. We'll even send you off with a free whitening kit to jump start your journey to a smile you'll love.

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Free Whitening Kit included with your scan

Here's what we have around 10am

Don't see a Scan Stand near you? We've got you covered.

Included in our Aligner Bundle is an Impression Kit to take your dental impressions right from home. Your kit will arrive in the mail and should take about 30 minutes to complete. Mail them back to us and we'll get started on building out a custom 3D digital treatment preview of how your new smile will look.

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During your visit you'll...

Learn more about treatment

One of our Scan Stand associates will assess if Smilelove is a good fit for you and answer any questions you have about the process.

Get a free Dental Scan

We'll take a free 3D scan of your teeth, then pass it on to our board-certified orthodontists to approve and build out a custom 3D digital treatment preview of how your new smile will look.

Leave with free Whitening

We'll send you off with our premium Whitening Kit so you can put your best smile forward. In two weeks or less we'll send you a treatment preview of your new smile for your approval.

Some of our happy customers

Brendon L.

Fast, easy, and a great discount compared to similar services!

Kaila T.​

So far it has been awesome! I am 4 months into treatment and there is a huge improvement in my smile! I can't wait to see the end results!

Anastassia S.

I loved the service, the help (I wasn't good at making teeth prints and received a second set for free) THANK YOU. I'm loving how my teeth look every day more.

Steven S.

Excellent Value! Good follow-up through impressions to actual delivery of the product. Product is working as expected as we go through the schedule.

Claire W.

Love, love how the aligners are working in moving my teeth... I know in several months I will see such an improvement....now just waiting on that teeth whitening!


Smilelove has exceeded my expectations. They have answered all my questions quickly and satisfactorily. I almost went with someone else but am glad I went with Smilelove. I can't wait to see my new smile.

Katelyn S.

So far it is great and the results can be seen already. The process is way easier than I expected. They are very helpful if you have any questions.

Kristen A.

Process was seamless and fairly straightforward. I am on my 6th of 18th aligner and am thus far with the results, ease and minimal discomfort with the aligners.

Robert C.

I like the option of verifying that my new teeth reorientation will work before I commit to the full process.

Sheri S.

I'm halfway through my Smilelove invisible braces and so far so good! I can see the progress that is being made to my teeth! The whole process has been so easy!

Tina H.

I'm very happy so far. Everything has been as expected, teeth movement, product quality, and instructions. Each set of aligners just snaps into place, and the customer service has been superb. I'm so glad I chose SmileLove over the other aligner companies.

Jaclyn R.

I've only had my aligners for a few weeks and am already seeing major results! Any questions I have had have been quickly answered by the staff. I would definitely recommend it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Scan Stands are physical locations that you can go to as an alternative to taking your dental impressions from home. We use a 3D digital scanner to take a scan of your teeth so our orthodontists can build out a custom treatment plan of how your new smile will look.

About 30 minutes for a scan and consultation.

Our scans our free! And we’ll even send you off with a free Whitening Kit too so you can jump-start your journey to a smile you’ll love.

You can either get a 3D scan of your teeth from a Scan Stand, or we’ll mail you an Impression Kit to take your dental molds from home. Both methods allow our orthodontists to create a custom treatment preview of how your teeth will straighten and what your new smile will look like.

1 to 2 weeks after getting a 3D scan, you should receive an email from us with your Smile Preview. If you’re missing the email, reach out to our Customer Service team.

You should receive an email with your Smile Preview 1 to 2 weeks after getting your 3D scan. The preview is a digital rendition of what your teeth currently look like as well as what they will look like at the end of your treatment. If you like the look of your future smile, you can go ahead and order your aligners. If you don’t, you can cancel your order for all of your money back. Nice and painless.

After you approve your Smile Preview for production, our aligners take 4-6 weeks to create and ship to you.

Get your Smilelove Aligner Bundle. Risk free.

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