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Crowded Teeth Correction

Crooked teeth are a common issue with an all-too common drawback: they can put a damper on your self confidence. Fortunately, plenty of options exist to straighten out your smile, from metal braces to simple retainers. But which holds a distinct advantage over the rest as the best avenue for crowded teeth? 

Invisible aligners take the inconvenience out of the straightening process, shedding the harsh metal that traditional braces favor for thin yet sturdy plastic trays made to fit tightly against your teeth. Not only are they virtually unnoticeable while in place, you can easily pop them in and out for meals and cleaning. 

Depending on the severity of the case, crowded teeth are relatively simple to treat with invisible aligners. Pressure placed on crooked or overlapped teeth by the flexible plastic liners gradually moves them into place over time, until your smile is healthy and straight as can be.

Crowding Is All Too Common

Crowded teeth isn’t an oral anomaly. In fact, when it comes to teeth it’s one of the most common misalignment issues, and has affected nearly everyone at some point in their life. Crowding results in teeth that are misaligned and bunched too closely together, and can range in severity—from, “My bottom front teeth are overlapping slightly” to “I can’t tell which tooth is which in this jumbled mess.” And it can occur at virtually any stage of life, whether it stems from a child’s permanent teeth growing in or an adult’s teeth shifting as they age.

As one of the most common forms of misalignment, there are many different causes of crowded teeth. Sucking a thumb or pacifier and the spaced-out growth of permanent teeth can often cause misalignment for children. Other common causes are different-sized teeth or extra teeth; in each respective case, teeth can be shaved down or pulled to make room, easing the straightening process.

Problems Caused By Crowded Teeth

Crowding cases come in all shapes and sizes, but what you might not know is that even minor crowding can cause lasting damage to your teeth. If you want to steer clear of problems like the ones below, now is the time to consider invisible aligners:

Tooth and Jaw Pain

Misalignment can sometimes cause a significant amount of pain in your teeth and jaw. This can happen because of early-onset decay or the crowded teeth pushing up against one another, resulting in an excessive amount of pressure.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Often, crowded teeth can’t be cleaned as well as straight teeth. That gives harmful bacteria free reign to grow and spread in the hard-to-reach spaces of your teeth that crowding creates, increasing the chance of gum disease and bad breath.

Premature Tooth Decay

Built-up bacteria can break down your teeth’s enamel, leading to tooth decay and a future laundry list of problems that stem from it— extractions, surgeries, and gum disease to name a few. Teeth naturally erode over time, but premature decay can wreak havoc on your overall oral health.

Offset Bite

Crowded teeth have been known to cause an offset bite, which can affect your speech and make activities such as eating more difficult. Though invisible aligners can aid with some minor bite issues, more serious problems may need surgery to correct.

Get Crowd Control With Smilelove

Invisible aligners aren’t just a fad that’s passing through—they’ve become a fixture in the orthodonture industry, and in the past few years have completely changed the teeth straightening game. As technology advances, the invisible aligner process simplifies while simultaneously becoming more precise.

So what puts Smilelove a step above the rest? Our commitment to the quality of our product and to making the teeth straightening process as painless (quite literally) as possible. No more repetitive orthodontist visits—we put the power in your hands with a do-it-yourself straightening kit you can use at home. Once you’ve made impressions of your teeth, send them back to us and our trained professionals will create your series of liners from high-tech digital scans. No metal. No rubber bands. No wasted time. Just the results you want.

Ready to trust Smilelove’s expertise? Learn what we can do for your teeth here.