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Bite Correction

Have you ever noticed that your jaw slants slightly to one side when your mouth is closed? Or that your top row of teeth rest a little too far over the bottom row? Perhaps your bite has a lot of space between it when your mouth is closed. If you’re experiencing issues such as these, your bite may be misaligned. But correcting it is about more than getting that perfect smile (although that is certainly a main draw of liners and quite possibly the most sought-after benefit). Straightening your teeth out can help with issues such as chronic headaches caused by too much stress on your jawbone.

That’s where invisible aligners come in. Unlike traditional bulky, unsightly metal braces, aligners are composed of a clear, thin, plastic-like material. But don’t be fooled by the flexibility—invisible aligners are strong, and distribute enough pressure to gradually shift teeth into place. Many teeth straightening patients are finding aligners to be an affordable, highly convenient alternative to traditional braces.

What Aligners Can (And Can’t) Do for Your Bite

As previously stated, invisible aligners apply pressure to the teeth to move them. They’re a popular choice for problems such as crowding and run-of-the-mill crooked teeth, but can actually aid in correcting mild bite misalignment, given time and properly applied pressure.

However, sometimes malocclusion can be too severe for invisible aligners to correct; in such cases, orthognathic surgery is required. These types of procedures shift the lower jaw to correct the misaligned bite. Often this can be paired with orthodontic treatments, but it wholly depends on the specifics of the case and the severity of the misalignment. With difficult or complex bite problems, it’s important to remember that while invisible aligners can help remediate them, sometimes they cannot fix the issue on their own.

Is Your Bite a Big Problem?

Though every patient’s case is different, over the years specialists have identified specific types of malocclusion and developed systematic treatments to overcome them. Below are the most common bite issues that invisible aligners can help with:

Problems Caused by a Misaligned Bite

An asymmetrical bite and cosmetic motivations are hardly the only reasons to invest in bite correction. Check out some other ways malocclusion can affect your everyday life:

Difficulty Eating Food

When your bite doesn’t line up, it can complicate the simplest tasks, such as eating. Biting, chewing, and grinding food isn’t as straightforward a process when your teeth don’t meet properly, and can turn eating from a pleasant experience into a painful one.

Speech Impediments

If you have a misaligned bite, it can often prove difficult to speak. The slants, crowding, and gaps of malocclusion act as obstructions to proper pronunciation, and can get worse the longer teeth are left untreated.

Jawbone Erosion

If your jaw is misaligned, it can rest at a slant when your mouth is closed. If left unchecked, the offset of the jaw can cause stress on the joints, resulting in headaches and jaw pain. And over time, the jawbone will significantly wear down.

Tension Headaches

When your bite is out of place, your jaw is out of place. When your jaw is out of place, that causes an undue amount of pressure on the joints. That constant tension can produce chronic headaches that will only ease when your bite is straightened out.

Safe With Smilelove

Your Teeth Are in Safe Hands with Smilelove

It should never be a question of whether or not you like your smile—nor should you ever have to question the quality of the invisible aligners you choose to straighten out your teeth. Though teeth straightening can appear to be a saturated market, invisible aligners are quickly distinguishing themselves as contenders among more traditional methods. And at-home teeth straightening is starting to gain traction within the liner industry.

So why Smilelove? We optimize the process of invisible aligners, from the straightening kit you’ll use to take your own impressions, to the series of liners you’ll receive in the mail, after our orthodontists have designed a customized plan especially for you. In today’s world it’s not a secret that life gets busy, and that’s why Smilelove strives to provide the utmost convenience to the straightening process while simultaneously delivering impeccable results.

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