Aligners Aren't Seating Properly

So your aligners don't seem to fit correctly? We've got the remedy for that!

Have no fear - most of the time if your aligners aren't going all the way on, they just need a little extra TLC with the chewies. Be sure to work on your chewies a few times a day and they should fit properly within a few days.

If it's been more than a few days and they still aren't fitting properly, you should move to your previous aligner and keep it in for another two weeks and make sure you're diligent in wearing it for 22 hours per day during that time.

If neither of the above two methods work, give us a call at +1 (844) 311-8990 and we can further assist you.

If you still have questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone.

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How do I properly use and care for my invisible aligners?

Our teeth aligners are durable, but you’ll need to take care of them in order to get the results you want. To get the most out of your invisible aligners, do the following:

  • Wear them as much as possible. If you want to get results fast, you need to wear your invisible teeth aligners at least 22 hours a day. You can take them off to eat, drink, and brush your teeth. If your aligners start to feel tight and uncomfortable, you’re not wearing them long enough. Eventually if you don’t wear them as long as you need to, you’ll have to pay for new impressions and aligners.
  • Rinse when you take them out. After you remove your invisible aligners, run them under cold water to prevent saliva from building on the plastic. The more saliva build-up, the more bacteria there will be in your mouth. Remember to not use hot water or run them through the dishwasher. Heat can damage and warp your aligners to the point where you can’t use them anymore.
  • Brush and floss your teeth before putting them back in. After you eat, brush and floss your teeth before inserting your aligners back into your mouth. Leftover food particles can stick to your teeth and aligners, which leads to bacteria build up and cavities.
  • Clean with soap, not toothpaste. Believe it or not, soap is better for your aligners than toothpaste. Toothpaste can be abrasive and scratch the plastic. The more scratched your invisible aligners are, the more noticeable they will become to others.
  • Don’t soak them in mouthwash. Soaking your invisible teeth aligners in mouthwash can turn them green, blue, or whatever color the mouthwash is. Tainted or colored aligners will be noticeable and not very attractive. Instead of mouthwash, use a clear retainer/denture cleanser.

How long do I have to wear the aligners?

Each treatment is tailored to one's individual needs. You might only have to wear them for a couple of months or up to a year. The average treatment time is 6 months.

What if I lose an aligner?

First - don't panic.

Second - you can just put in your next aligner and make sure you wear it for the rest of the time you would have had left with your missing aligner, as well as the full two weeks after that.

Can I chew gum with aligners?

If it's sugar-free, you can chew it. A few people from our office who have aligners say that it's weird chewing gum with them and they prefer not to. If you need some minty fresh breath, we recommend sugar-free mints.

Can I kiss with aligners?

You sure can. A common side effect of straighter teeth with Smilelove is, in fact, more kisses. ;)

Can I drink alcohol/coffee/energy drinks with aligners?

We recommend taking your aligners out if you drink anything besides water or clear liquids as this will preserve their clarity, and prevent your teeth from being stained. When you're done drinking we recommend you give your mouth a quick rinse with water before putting the aligners back in.

How often should I change my aligners?

If you’re wearing your aligners 22 hours per day, you should change them every two weeks. If you leave them out for a prolonged period of time, we suggest that you go back to your best fitting aligners and wear them for two weeks and proceed with the process as usual. We suggest setting a repeat reminder on your phone for every two weeks so that you don’t forget to change them.

We know it's a commitment, but so was getting through all 15 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. You got this!

Can I speed up the aligner process?

No, you can’t. Your treatment is designed to shift teeth at set intervals of time and it’s crucial to allow each step to take its prescribed two-week course before moving on to the next one. Trying to speed through the process can adversely affect the health of your teeth and gums and the healing of the periodontal ligaments surrounding your teeth.

Even if you don't feel like your teeth are still moving in that two week timeframe, they are.

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