Impression Kit

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Our Smilelove Impression Kit has everything you need to create dental molds of your teeth from home.  Once your impressions are done, send them back to us with the prepaid return shipping label so our orthodontists can create a treatment preview of how your smile will straighten. This is the first step towards a smile you'll love!

What’s Included

  • 2 sets of trays
  • Practice putty
  • Dental impression putty
  • Mouth stretcher
  • How-to guide
  • Prepaid shipping label

Smilelove Guarantee

No frowns allowed. If you don't love your preview, or if our orthodontists determine you aren't a candidate for aligners, we will refund you in full.

How it works

Step 1. Impress

First we send out an impression kit to make dental molds right from home. Then we pass it on to our board-certified orthodontists to approve and build out a customer digital treatment preview on how your teeth will straighten.

Step 2. Align

If you like what you see, we'll create the aligner trays, then mail them to you all at once. Simply wear each aligner in your plan for 2 weeks, then move onto your next tray for the duration of your treatment.

Step 3. Shine

All that's left to do is smile! We include free retainers with your treatment as well as a premium whitening so you can put your best smile forward.

Frequently asked questions

An Impression Kit is what we send you in order to get molds of your teeth to create your treatment. They include practice putty, 4 trays (2 for top teeth, and 2 for bottom), and putty for creating the molds. We also include instructions for photos and making a good impression, a mouth stretcher, and a prepaid shipping label to slap back on the box and drop off at the post office.
We ship our Impression Kits out to you within 2 business days of purchase. Expected delivery times for all shipments is 3-5 business days from the shipping date.
Don’t worry, we include putty and trays for 2 tops and 2 bottom impressions so you have 2 chances to get them right. If you need additional putty and trays, we’ll send you another kit for free. If you need any help along the way, our support team is here to answer your questions and cheer you on. Just reach out via email, text, online chat, or even video chat for help on your impressions. Phone: 1.884.311.8990 Email: [email protected]
As long as there aren’t any unforeseen delays or extenuating circumstances, you should receive your aligners about 4-6 weeks after sending back your teeth molds, uploading photos, and completing your dental history questionnaire.
If you don’t love your Treatment Preview, or if our orthodontists determine you aren’t a candidate for aligners, we will refund your Impression Kit.