What Are Dental Impressions?

What Are Dental Impressions?

November 04, 2019

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Dentophobia. It’s a crippling fear of dentists, and it’s a very real thing for many people. Trypanophobia is a fear of needles, which are also utilized by dentists and orthodontists. And odontophobia is the overall fear of teeth or dental surgery.

The team at Smilelove understands that addressing the subject of teeth — talking about teeth, assessing teeth, maneuvering teeth — can be a big hurdle to overcome for some folks. Going into the office can be an even bigger hurdle. Luckily, we hope to alleviate these fears by cutting out the need for repeat visits to the dentist and helping users completely understand the process.


What Are Dental Impressions?

When overcoming fears, it helps to start at the beginning. You’ll soon be reassured that dental impressions are nothing to worry about. So, what are dental impressions? It does sound obvious, but a dental impression, or teeth impression, is a negative imprint of your teeth and gums from which a positive reproduction can be formed, and shaped items can be made.

Teeth impressions are used in the manufacture of dentures, retainers, crowns, bridges, veneers, whitening trays, and mouthguards. And, of course, your Smilelove clear aligners.


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How Are Dental Impressions Made?

When you make your Smilelove dental impression, a base-and-catalyst putty-type compound is placed into a horseshoe-shaped tray that loosely fits over your teeth and gums. Each tray is then placed in the top or bottom part of your mouth, covering the arched contours of your mouth. The overall coverage depends on the type of work you are having done. None of this hurts at all! In less than five minutes, the putty sets showing your teeth impressions, and you can take the trays out of your mouth.

Once your negative teeth impressions are mailed and reach your clinician, the teeth molds are filled with a hard compound and “voila!” — an exact replica cast of your mouth has been produced. It is this cast that is used to create your clear aligner system.


How to Make a Good Impression

Taking good impressions is a crucial step of your Smilelove journey. The impressions you take allow our dental team to thoroughly examine your teeth and build a custom straightening plan just for you, so it's important to get them just right. The good news is Smilelove makes taking teeth impressions super easy, convenient, and comfortable. If you’re wondering how to make dental impressions, and avoid the most common mistakes, you can read a step-by-step process here — where Smilelove gives you tips on how to take the first step in the production of a highly effective clear aligner system.


Fear Not — Making Dental Impressions Is a Comfy Experience

Now you know all about what dental impressions are, and how few steps are needed to lay the foundation for an accurate, high-quality set of clear aligners. Even those with the mildest case of odontophobia can rest easy with Smilelove!

Order your Smilelove impression kit today to begin your Smilelove Journey.


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