Tips for Cleaning Your Invisible Aligners

Tips for Cleaning Your Invisible Aligners

January 24, 2019

If you recently got a set of new invisible aligners, then congratulations! You’re one step closer to obtaining the smile you’ve always dreamed of having. As you follow through with your treatment plan, it’s important that you learn how to clean plastic retainers properly so you can keep yours in tip-top condition.

Keeping your invisible aligners clean is a crucial part of your Smilelove treatment plan. In doing so, you can protect your investment in yourself and also keep your mouth clean and healthy throughout the coming months.

If you neglect your invisible aligners or you don’t learn how to clean retainers the right way, it’s possible for you to not only damage your product, but also invite a host of harmful bacteria into your mouth. You’re going to be wearing your aligners a lot during your treatment plan and if you don’t clean them regularly, they can acquire quite a bit of bacteria, which can easily work its way into your gums and cause all sorts of problems for you including gum disease and tooth decay.

With these tips and guidelines, you can learn how to clean your retainer and keep your mouth healthy while you work toward a smile that you’ll love to show off and be confident about.

Rinse Often

Your mouth generates a lot of saliva—one to two liters a day on average. It’s not the prettiest fact, but it’s the truth, and knowing this will help you remember to rinse your retainers every single time you remove them. If you don’t rinse often enough, dried saliva will accumulate on the plastic and create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Remove, rinse, repeat.

Clean with Soap and Cold Water

When it comes down to cleaning plastic retainers, what you use and how you go about it is very important. First and foremost, you should never clean your invisible aligners with hot water. Cold water may not seem as effective, but exposure to heat can misshape the plastic and ruin your aligners for good.

A common misconception that people make when they think of how to clean retainers is to use toothpaste instead of soap. We know it makes sense; after all, you clean your teeth with toothpaste, so why wouldn’t you clean your aligners with the same thing?

The fact of the matter is that toothpaste is often too abrasive for invisible aligners, so brushing your retainers with your go-to paste can actually leave very noticeable scratches on the plastic. Instead, carefully clean your invisible aligners and your trays with antibacterial hand soap daily.  

Soak in Cleaner

The best way to keep your invisible aligners clean and clear is to soak them on a daily basis in either retainer or denture cleaner. This small task will thoroughly sanitize your retainers and leave them looking, well, invisible!

Clean Your Teeth Before Use

Before you insert your invisible aligners, you’ll want to make sure that you’re putting clean aligners into a clean mouth, otherwise, what’s the point of all this upkeep? Always brush and floss your teeth before putting your retainers in so you don’t trap bacteria in your mouth.

Learn how you can obtain a smile that you’ll love to flaunt with the help of a Smilelove treatment plan. Just remember to protect your investment and your mouth by knowing how to clean your retainers effectively!

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