How to Use Your Smilelove Impression Trays™

How to Use Your Smilelove Impression Trays™

March 09, 2018

Do you find yourself shying away from photos, social media, and conversations with new people because you lack confidence in your smile? At Smilelove, we know that having straight teeth can play a big role in building confidence. We also know that with the fast pace of today’s world, people are looking for convenience wherever they can find it. With that in mind, we’re happy to deliver the easiest, most flexible process for straightening teeth.

The Smilelove Impression Kit

If you’ve decided to use Smilelove clear aligners to discreetly straighten your smile, the first step is to order your Smilelove Impression Kit. This is the first step of our teeth straightening kit. The impression kits come in the mail with a prepaid shipping label, allowing you to create perfect molds of your teeth from home. (No missing work or other important events to come into an orthodontists office!)

The creation of the impressions is a crucial step in straightening your teeth. This kit may seem daunting to some, but the process is really quite simple. We’ll walk you through each step to make sure you get accurate results. And if you’re still hesitant, rest assured that the process is totally risk-free — if the aligners aren’t a good fit, you’ll get your money back.

How the Impression Kit Works

Your Impression Kit will include an instruction guide, dental impression trays, impression putty, and an impression medical bag. You’ll want a mirror to help you take a good impression, but other than that, we’ve covered the necessary supplies. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Start with flossing, brushing your teeth, and clean hands before you touch any of the supplies.
  2. Find the upper impression tray and remove it from the package, make sure your teeth feel comfortably without any pressure if they do not then you need a different size.
  3. Take the two putties from their package and mix them together. Do not mix these up for more than one minute. The putty needs to be completely mixed.
  4. Roll the mixed putty between your palms to make a little snake. Set the putty into the tray to make sure the putty covers the entire tray.
  5. Look in the mirror and open your mouth as wide as possible. Use two hands to insert the impression tray. Don’t bite down but push it evenly onto your teeth. Make sure you can feel the putty against your gums.
  6. Make sure the tray is pushed upwards and keep your upper lip out of the way. Make sure your teeth hit the bottom of the tray. Then close your mouth and suction the putty tight to your gums and teeth.
  7. With both hands, keep the tray in place for 4 and half minutes. Do not move, reposition the tray, or talk during this process.
  8. After 4.5 minutes, gently pull the tray straight down, you will notice the putty is a lot more firmly against your teeth. Rinse the tray with cold water and leave it to dry. Do not remove the putty.
  9. Check over the impression to make sure all of your teeth can be clearly seen and there are not any stretched or shallow spots. You can even text our team at customer support for immediate feedback on how you did. We highly recommend that you do that!
  10. Repeat the process 3 times one more on top and two with the bottom tray and then place all the trays in the medical bag and send it back to us with the prepaid label.

Once you’ve completed these 10 steps, you’re just a few weeks away from having your clear aligners. In no time at all, you’ll have the straight teeth you’ve been hoping for. Contact us here to get your Smilelove Impression Kit started.
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