Changes at Smilelove

May 07, 2020

We at Smilelove are in an extremely difficult position, and we're making every effort possible to stay in business. This situation has forced us to step back and look at the business from every angle. Below are some of the key changes that we're implementing immediately. 

  • Price: We've increased our price to $1895. This price point allows us to stay slightly lower than our competitors and afford to run our business. 
  • Complex Case Price Adjustment: Every case is different and some can be much more complex than others. These require more of our Dental Team's time, more aligners, and more support throughout the process. We're going to start charging an additional $300 for cases that require more than 20 steps (40 aligners).
  • Marketing Strategy: As the low-cost provider, we've been competing in high-cost channels. This approach has proven unsustainable, and we're making some necessary adjustments. We'll be adopting a more manual approach to marketing, which includes more 1:1 human touch, outbound calls to leads, more effective use of our email lists.
  • Staff: The new approach to marketing will be much more profitable, but we do expect the number of customers to be much less than before. Unfortunately, this means we need to say goodbye to many of our employees to reduce overhead. 
  • Customer support: We recognize that one of our most powerful tools for acquiring new customers is the advocacy of our customer base. Each customer going forward will be assigned to a specific rep that will be more available and responsive to help them through their journey. We expect that this approach will create better experiences and, ultimately, more confidence in our customers when they're thinking about referring Smilelove to their friends. 

Despite these times being tough, we're optimistic that because of these changes, we're going to come out even stronger than before.  

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