The lowest prices in the aligner industry.

Smilelove’s clear aligners are 75% less than the cost of braces. Oh, and we’re more affordable than the other clear aligner brands too.

Simple Pricing

Base Price

$1895 $1895

80% of our customers pay $1895 and nothing more. This covers the entire treatment.

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Complex Case Adjustment

$300 $79/mo

Some cases are simply more complex than others. These require more of our Dental Team's time, more aligners and more attention throughout the process. If your case requires more than 20 steps (40 aligners) we charge an additional $300. We'll know if your case requires this adjustment at the time you receive your Treatment Preview.

Smilelove Guarantee

No frowns allowed. If you don't love your preview, or if our orthodontists determine you aren't a candidate for aligners, we will refund you in full.

What’s included with price

Impression Kit

$250 or Free with Bundle

We’ll send you a kit to take impressions of your teeth from home. Then we’ll use those impressions to make a digital preview of how your teeth will straighten.

Aligner Treatment


If you like what you see, we’ll create the aligner trays, then mail them to you all at once. Simply wear each aligner in your plan 2 weeks, then move onto your next tray for the duration of your treatment.

Retainers & Whitening

Free & Free!

All that’s left to do is smile! Included in our Aligner Bundle are post-treatment retainers as well as premium whitening so you can put your best smile forward.

Us vs. the Other Guys

Aligner Company Total Price Price Free Retainers Whitening Financing
Smilelove $1895*
Invisalign $3000 to $8000
Smile Direct Club $1994*
Candid Co. $1999*
*Including post-treatment retainers


Carrie C.

Great customer service from Tracy, great price & after reading all reviews I am confident & excited to get my aligners sent to me from Smile Love!

Kah H.

The information on the website was clear. And for the price it's really the best I can find after comparing with others competitor. I hope it will goes well, looking forward my teeth straightening journey! =]

Brendon L.

Fast, easy, and a great price compared to similar services!

Garrett G.

Awesome financing with no finance fee!!!

Kaley I.

So far, the price is much better than any other company I've seen, especially for someone who is living month to month. The customer service was super nice and super helpful, I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a more affordable way to straighten their teeth.

Michelle S.

Years I have wanted to correct my teeth, but other financial priorities came first. Finally can do this for me with this cost savings procedure.

Kambria M.

Smooth transaction, easy check out, and love the option of monthly payments. They are also checking to see if my dental insurance will reimburse me.

Sabrina L.

Smilelove surprised when they had a back up plan when i wasn't approved for the loan. I paid using my HSA which is wonderful and now monthly installments in which I'm scheduling payments rather on a weekly bases versus monthly to cut the interest.

Dondi V.

Fast and easy. Got the info I needed from the easy-to-use website. Better deal than other similar products. Got a great discount code so decided to take the plunge


Easy to get corrective device. Much more affordable than the orthodontist!

Melissa B.

Was able to pay with my HSA card. Arrived on time and complete order. Have had questions about the process and they have been answered promptly via email.

Steven S.

Excellent Value! Good follow-up through impressions to actual delivery of the product. Product is working as expected as we go through the schedule.

Frequently asked pricing questions

  • How much do Smilelove invisible aligners cost?
    • Smilelove’s invisible teeth aligners are the most affordable on the market  and cost 75% less than other teeth-straightening methods. You’re not only saving money on your invisible aligners but also money from the dentist and orthodontist appointments you would have had to pay for. We also offer a variety of packages to better fit your situation and budget.

  • Can I use health insurance to cover the cost?
    • We accept HSA/FSA. We will also work with you to see if your insurance will cover any of our treatments. If you’d like to check on your eligibility for coverage yourself, just ask your insurer if you have an orthodontic benefit and whether that benefit covers treatments billed with the code D8040.

  • Can I get an aligner for just my top or bottom teeth instead of both?
    • You sure can. However, we still need impressions for both the top and the bottom teeth. Our Dental Team needs both to ensure that your bite is aligned well at the end of your treatment. For this reason, the price is the same whether you're doing just the top, just the bottom or both.

  • How much do retainers cost?

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